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Welcome. Thank you for being here.

This is about the poetry of your life.

We are the living poem everyday with ourselves, each other and the earth. My work is rooted in the hope to continue our wild + beautiful story in a good way.

I wrote a poetry book for your wild soul + created some beauty merch for your gorgeous bod. 
I hope you like 'em! 

Let's go into the wild, listening to "the poetry of earth" (John Keats, 1883), as She has much to tell us.

Howling in love,

Sara, wolf ma poet 


Sara Rogers, wolf ma poet
author - creator - educator - enchanter


by Sara Rogers

You are a living, blessing prayer

Upon the altar of breath and bone,

Wildly elemental,

Fully Magic.

When you are of service to this prayer

You are in service to the whole world.

the merch


writing circles

Writing and reading poetry in circle is my fav creative outlet!

I provide safe space for you to hear the whispers of your soul, be seen + heard, and build support + confidence for your creativity that will serve your beautiful life outside the circle.

Let's stay connected!

Join the wolf pack for Fall 2022 dates, new merch releases and poetic inspiration. 

the wolf pack
poetry + community



social connections

"This anthology of poems speaks a universal language of heart, soul and wild nature. Each poem acts as a guide to (re)awaken the wild self love within.

Sara's words land as art in my body and serve as a mirror into discovering and remembering truths and wisdom that live inside me."

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