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e l e m e n t a l  m a g i c 

by Sara Rogers

You are a living, blessing prayer

Upon the altar of breath and bone,

Wildly elemental,

Fully Magic.

When you are of service to this prayer

You are in service to the whole world.


Elemental Magic, poetic chapters of wild self love, is a collection of poetry and prose, inviting the reader on a journey into the wild within to know a closer presence of love, belonging, and identity.

Each chapter embodies the elements to retrieve, reclaim, restore, and voice the soul of a woman's inherent worth and interconnectedness with nature.

A poetic honouring prayer to a woman's body, transformation, and wisdom, this book is rooted in the Great Mother's love, who longs for the feminine to rise, live, and protect the sacredness of all life.

Provoking, vulnerable, and soulfully naked, Elemental Magic will inspire the greatest power patriarchy has attempted to convince women to forget; the power of nature within and as themselves.

More than ever the earth is seeking your return.

Sample pages of Elemental Magic:


Illustrations by Shannon Cupples (IG @art.xshannon)

Illustrations by Hannah + Hilary Rogers (pg.34, Flower's Wild in the chapter Wolf Ma)

from the readers

Dani Kraftchuk, 

Founder of

Worthy U

"This anthology of poems speaks a universal language of heart, soul and wild nature. Each poem acts as a guide to (re)awaken the wild self love within.

Sara's words land as art in my body and serve as a mirror into discovering and remembering truths and wisdom that live inside me."



"Hidden within these pages are elemental truths foundational for every woman. Even though each of us are living vastly unique lives, Sara's words sing soul truths back into being, in our bodies and in our hearts.

These poems remind us on an individual and collective level of who we came here to be, a blazing beacon of wild elemental wisdom and embodies of Love.

I found myself within these pages, and you will too."

Michelle Tamblyn-Sabo

Founder of

Goddess Flow Yoga



"Sara has captured and incubated scrapes of sacred, whispers of rapture, and inklings of insight in the cauldron of her heart, tenderly crafting them from the roots of her soulbody into an offering of pure love and poetic daring. We find here a magic mirror and an enchanted path meant to spark our memory and ignite the transformative power of our imagination.

What I love most about this collection is the commitment to integrity, courage, and revolution in service of Land and Life that permeates its pages.

May we hear this, yet another Sister's call, for us to awaken and unite!"

Aleyah-Erin Lennon

Author of

Unsettling Inner Landscapes: Critical Spirituality & The Poverty Of Whiteness

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