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Sara is the wolf ma poet, living in Ontario with her family from the traditional territory of the Chippewa, Ojibwa and Potawatomi Peoples.

She has published her first collection of poetry to unearth the intrinsic connection between women and nature in her book Elemental Magic, poetic chapters of wild self love (2020), inviting readers to know a closer presence of love, belonging and identity behind the veil of cultural expectations, illuminating the intrinsic connection and communication that transcends and transforms from being close with the elements and the mystery of life. 

Sara is also a teacher, holds a double honours degree in sociology and law, and enjoys building community outside the classroom by facilitating writing circles for women and children.

An earth child above all else, Sara enjoys hiking, canoeing, snowshoeing and cross country skiing with her wolf pack. She can be found under the sky of moon and constellations, dancing through wildflowers with the sun and listening to trees + river.

Sara's newest creative project Poet Tree for the wild, is passionately driven by our natural connection to "the poetry of earth" (John Keats, 1883).  


Elemental Magic, poetic chapters of wild self love (2020), by Sara Rogers

Pivot & Pause: An Anthology (2020), by poet Azure Antionette and international best selling author Elizabeth Gilbert, et al. 

Unsettling Inner Landscapes: Critical Spirituality & The Poverty of Whiteness (2020) by author Aleyah-Erin Lennon.

in[bloom] Blood Moon Poetry Press (March 2021) submission "A Poet's Collection" by Sara Rogers

from the author

My wish for my writing is that it serves as an anecdote to the lonely heart; the heart that wonders how it may find wild beauty and grace amidst heartbreak within ourselves, our planet, and humanity.

I think of how writing poetry and being moved by other poets has often felt like a surge of familiar electricity plugged into a stream of consciousness we all know and ache to be a part of; something that feels like you're communing with the soul; the one that sounds like the truth you've always known.

I hope my words carry a thread of truth you may find familiar; that you have touched before and now again.

Thank you for being here.

Wild Love,

Sara xoxo

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