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ABRACADABRA, young poets

My most favourite moments of magic, are in witnessing the SPARK of a child's creativity, confidence and courage come to life before my eyes! It is why I chose to become an educator. 


This class is an invitation for young writer's to create with their imagination, curiosity, craft their ink and voice, and be encouraged to follow the poetics of their own knowing.


I offer prompts through poetry, storytelling, visual explorations, nature and fun!


New sessions starting fall 2022!

Stay tuned :) 


writing wildflowers, a women's poetry circle 

Whether this is your first writing workshop or one of many, like to write or don't own a journal, these classes are created + crafted with intentions to bring spaciousness and love to your unfolding bloom. 


You may find your voice, your ink style, try something new, be taken by the voice inside you, be astonished by the beauty + strength of your own words, magic and creativity. 


Included are writing exercises, diverse prompts and poetry readings across time, supportive community and guided curiosity. We will gather fireside (aka live zoom) inviting your magic hand + heart to land on your own page, through your own story with support.


NEW sessions starting fall 2022! 

Stay tuned :)


1:1 writing session

For the woman who prefers to honour Her voice and explore Her ink in a smaller circle

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